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Gate Repair Services

Gate Repair Services
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What you might not know about “Garage Door Repair Tarrytown” is that it's also an exceptional gate service provider. We are a garage door company providing full services but also a gate contractor. Our services cover every field associated with these two systems and we can assure you that our technicians are able professionals ready to respond to each one of your needs. Rest assured that we don't compromise garage door services for the benefit of gate services or vice versa. We have numerous crews with special capabilities and skills in order to cover the needs of all our customers perfectly and with speed.

This is a taste of our gate services

The nature of our work demands velocity and good preparation. This is why we have exceptional and well-prepared emergency teams for 24/7 services. We have technicians for maintenance service and same day repairs, excellent installers and replacement specialists. We are all trained perfectly well and we'll be at your house to provide the right service at the right time. Here is a small idea of what we offer to our customers.

Gate Repair in Tarrytown

Rolling gate safety sensor services
Sensor problems are fixed 24/7. All problems related to the entrapment protection system have priority since they are the basic safety features of each mechanism. We are knowledgeable and trained and you can rely on our efficiency. We have the competence to adjust, replace and repair them. Whatever the problem, we will find it and ensure safe operation.

Residential gate opener services
Of course, our ability to fix opener issues is guaranteed. As the soul of each system, the operator must be installed and maintained in perfection. We promise excellence in every service since we carry the proper equipment and have the expertise to provide efficient rolling and swing gate operator services.

Gate intercom installation and repair
We can install a new gate opener keypad and also connect it with an intercom. As experts in intercoms, we can suggest smart solutions and install a phone entry system at your home. We are familiar with different brands and have no problem installing and maintaining any of them regardless of their complexity.

Gate wheels repair
When the rollers do not slide well, the rolling gate will give you trouble. It won't close or open well and it will be noisy. We repair problems related either with the rollers themselves or the tracks, which might be misaligned or bent and, thus, keep the wheels from rolling. We provide services fast and take care of emergencies 24/7.

Swing gate hinges repairs
Hinges are vital parts of swing gates since they hold them in one place and make sure they open and close properly. Any problem with their welding or their fasteners is fixed at once. We also replace hinges when they are broken or rusty. Our response is quick and our service is accurate.

We specialize in electric gate repair services and have the most sophisticated equipment for each work. Our expertise and competence don't allow us to fix issues less than perfectly. We are dedicated, pay attention to the needs of our clients and make sure their requests are met with efficiency. We have the experience to offer you solutions, answer your questions and promise professionalism every single time. Why don't you call us today!

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