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Learning about garage door springs

Learning about garage door springs
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The garage door springs are one of the most essential parts of these largest and most frequently used doors installed in homes. However the sad part is that most of the individuals do not know what they are or what is so important about them.

Types of springs

Learning about garage door springsIt is important that the individuals get acquainted with the types of the springs installed in their garage entrance. The two types that are used most often are:

  • Torsion springs – This type of spring is attached or installed on a rod just above the closed garage door.
  • Extension garage door springs - This type of spring can easily be located above the level of the upper tracks of both sides of the door.

What to remember about garage door springs?

Like any other spring, these too are prone to breaking if the weight or pressure applied on them exceeds a certain limit. In addition, the life of these parts depends on their design and the position where they are installed. Therefore it is recommended that these should be checked by an expert for their make and for evaluating if it suits the design of the respective door.

One common reason that may cause a broken spring is the improper balance of the garage doors. In most of the cases this problem goes unnoticed for a long time which may result in the breaking of the spring eventually. However when it comes to the replacement of springs, the individuals must not try to change it on their own. In fact, the individuals facing such problems can always contact garage door repair Tarrytown for comprehensive consultation or effective advice, where the skilled team of professionals deals with these problems on a daily basis.

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