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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Do you know why you should trust our garage door service provider? Read here our clients' testimonials

My opener was repaired immediately

Our garage door at home wouldn't close perfectly well and I didn't know whether it was a problem with the bottom seal, the springs or the opener. I wanted expert technicians and someone from my family insisted I would call Tarrytown Garage Door Repair. The tech immediately suspected the garage door opener but he also checked the other parts. He actually had to make some adjustments by the limit switches in the main unit and the problem was solved. Though, he was very thorough with the other garage door parts too. The service was great and immediate!

Quick and Successful Opener Installation

I bought this new garage door opener and although it came with instructions on how to install and set it up, I wasn’t confident that I could do it. I prefer to leave these things to the experts to make sure that it would work correctly. Since the company that installed our garage door also offered garage door opener installation service, I decided to call them. Garage Door Repair Company in Tarrytown agreed to have it installed on the day that was most convenient for me. Installation was done quickly and successfully. The quote that was given to me over the phone was accurate and they didn’t have any hidden charges. I’m very satisfied with the service provided and I will definitely hire them again.

Made a good clicker choice

We had to choose a new remote when we were replacing the garage door opener and were given plenty of choices by Garage Door Repair Tarrytown. We really liked the technician who arrived to help us make selections. He took special consideration of our family needs and the requirements of our garage door. His professional and courteous manner impressed me. He took very good care of us and provided us many helpful tips to improve the condition and durability of the door.  A great service we will definitely use again.

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